Boreray Sheep

Boreray Sheep with her lamb

Boreray Sheep are something a bit special. 

They originate from the island of Boreray in the St Kilda archipelago which is off the west coast of Scotland. They lived wild on this uninhabited island for many years. Now these magnificent sheep are a recognised rare breed. There are only around 600 breeding ewes left. 

These sheep are very hardy, they have a long fleece, which protects them from the cold and windy conditions. They seem naturally resistant to foot rot and other sheep ailments. Most farmers would consider them wild and strong willed sheep that are difficult to handle. We find they are easy to move with a bucket of sheep nuts, although they are not keen on humans at lambing time.

Never argue with a Boreray, they are not to be messed with - they can give a good whack across the shins with their horns.

Here, the Boreray ewes normally have a single lamb, they often have twins, but we've never seen a Boreray ewe with triplets. They are very easy to lamb.