Slug Pellets FAQ

What are Slug wool pellets?

Slug wool pellets are a natural and eco-friendly solution for controlling slugs in your garden. They are made from 100% pure wool and contain no harmful chemicals. The pellets are designed to absorb moisture, creating an uncomfortable environment for slugs and preventing them from causing damage to your plants.

How do Slug wool pellets work?

Slug wool pellets work by creating a barrier that slugs find unpleasant to crawl over. When the pellets come into contact with moisture, they expand and become prickly, making it difficult for slugs to move across them. This barrier effectively deters slugs from reaching your plants, protecting them from damage.

How do I use Slug wool pellets?

To use Slug wool pellets, simply scatter them around the base of your plants or create a protective ring around vulnerable areas. The pellets should be placed in a continuous line to form an effective barrier. It is recommended to apply the pellets in the evening or on damp days when slugs are most active. Reapply as needed, especially after heavy rain.

Are Slug wool pellets safe for pets and wildlife?

Yes, Slug wool pellets are safe for pets and wildlife. They are made from natural wool and do not contain any harmful chemicals. However, it is always a good idea to keep pets and children away from the pellets until they have been absorbed by the soil or washed away by rain.

How long do Slug wool pellets last?

The effectiveness of Slug wool pellets can vary depending on weather conditions and slug activity. In general, the pellets can last for several weeks before needing to be reapplied. However, it is recommended to monitor your garden regularly and reapply the pellets if slug activity is observed.

Can Slug wool pellets be used in organic gardening?

Yes, Slug wool pellets are suitable for use in organic gardening. They are made from natural wool and do not contain any synthetic or harmful substances. The pellets are approved for use in organic farming and gardening practices.

Do Slug wool pellets harm other beneficial insects?

No, Slug wool pellets do not harm beneficial insects. They specifically target slugs and create a barrier that deters them from reaching your plants. Beneficial insects, such as bees and ladybugs, are not affected by the pellets and can continue their important role in pollination and pest control.

Can Slug wool pellets be used on edible plants?

Yes, Slug wool pellets can be used on edible plants. They are safe to use around fruits, vegetables, and herbs. However, it is recommended to wash the produce thoroughly before consumption to remove any residual pellets.

Do Slug wool pellets contain metaldehyde?

No, metaldehyde is now banned in the UK. These pellets repel slugs without chemicals.

Are you allowed to use Slug pellets in your garden?

Yes, you are allowed to use these 100% wool slug pellets.

What are Slug pellets made from

These 100% natural slug pellets are made from just sheep's wool and nothing else.

How much wool is in a bag of Slug pellets?

We carefully heat and compress the wool, so that each 3.5litre bag of slug pellets contains a whole sheep's fleece.

Is the sheep wool treated with chemicals?

No, the sheep wool is not treated with any chemicals prior to being processed.