About The Farm

Biodiversity, Carbon storage and Rare Breeds work

We are a small island hill farm in the north of Scotland; we keep rare and native breed British Sheep.

Because the sheep we choose are unimproved breeds, they are smaller, hardier and don't suffer from many of the typical problems associated with larger meat breeds.

These sheep are prized for their wonderful fleeces, which are:

  • Longer Staple length
  • Rich in natural lanolin
  • With some crimp or curl

What is an unimproved breed?

Most sheep that are kept in the UK have been breed over centuries to increase their size and meat content. This is because their lambs are then worth more at market. All of our sheep would be classed as unimproved, the lambs are much smaller at the point they would be slaughtered and are worth much less at market.

We keep the following breeds

Native British sheep on our farm

Find out more about Rare Breed Sheep

Our work with Biodiversity

we are fortunate to farm in an idyllic unspoilt location and we have responsibility to protect and enhance the landscape. We plant acres of wild flowers to help our native bumblebees. We protect many acres of heather, which not only provide a tasty diet for some of our sheep, but also the peatland below the heather is a giant carbon store, which rivals woodland for the amount of carbon it can store.


Thank you for supporting our Family Farm

By purchasing from us you are helping to support Britain’s native breed sheep which are under threat from increasingly commercialised sheep farming and cheap imported lamb.

Our Customers Say…

Quick delivery, lovely product very good wool.

Sue Gee

Brilliant all round, many thanks. A*

Proud to Support RBST

Rare Breeds Survival Trust are a wonderful organisations that are critical to ensuring the continuation of the Boreray Breed of sheep.

Our farm is proud to support RBST in the work they do.