Shetland Sheep

Shetland Sheep are a great all round hardy breed ideal for colder climates.

They are quite popular with hobby farmers, and if kept in too warm a climate can encounter problems with foot rot and flies. However, here in the north of Scotland they are in their element. They hardly ever have foot problems, we have never seen fly strike in them and they keep fit and healthy on our hilly land.

Our shetland sheep enjoy a varied diet of native grasses, wildflowers, weeds and go crazy for dock leaves! We feed them the odd treat of sheep nuts to keep them tame, so every time we go into the field they rush to greet us and sometimes give our hands a friendly nuzzle to check if we have treats.

Shetland Sheep are great mothers, they have not been intensively breed with larger sheep so they are easily able to give birth to their lambs, we almost never have to intervene to pull out a lamb that is struggling to be born. Compare this to a commercial breed south where the farmer might be assisting in 15% of lambings. A shetland sheep lambing is a lovely calm experience for all involved.

Shetland Lambs are really hardy as they are a native breed, which are able to stand and suck its mother within a few minutes. The mother is fiercely protective of her lamb and sometimes digs tiny hollows to protect the lamb while she grazes.