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Black Hebridean Top

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100% Pure and Undyed Black Hebridean Top.

Microns: 35mic+
Fibre Length: 50-150mm
Top/Roving Length: 4 metres per 100g
Top/Roving Width: 1 inch

Why choose Icelandic Wool?

Hebridean wool is dense with a long fibre length ideal for felting. It is great for hand spinning and felting. It is also water repellent and breathable. The colour is a natural dark brown to black.

About the Sheep

This is from an Hebridean Ewe. She is a hardy and ideally suited to the islands of Scotland. These sheep can be quite flighty and are not likely to be pets. The wool used in the making of this top comes exclusively from Hebridean Sheep.

Thank you for supporting our family farm.

The funny thing about Moorit Sheep

The funny thing about Moorit (brown) sheep is that on our farm, at least they stick together in a group. Even if they are in a larger flock of sheep, when you need to move them or there is any danger, the Moorits will always be together.

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