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  • Front of Robin Nest box showing the entrance for the birds
  • Roof of Johnston and Jeff Robin Nest box showing the natural slate securely attached.
  • Thickness of wood of the Nest Box, shown is 15mm
  • Johnston and Jeff Robin Nest box as viewed from above
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Johnston and Jeff Robin Nest Box Slate

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Johnston and Jeff Robin Nest Box with Naturally insulating timber and a Real Slate Roof

About the Slate Robin Nest Box

Ethically made in the UK with FSC certified timber. It is a light Birch colour to suit any garden aesthetic. It is made from 15mm thick wood to provide natural insulation for your garden robins. The bird box is treated with a non-toxic water-based stain for longevity. The Roof is a classic slate grey, The Robin Nest Box is a classic design to suit any garden. This is produced in Yorkshire by Johnston and Jeff.

For your Garden Birds

This Slate Robin Nest box is ideal for all wild Robins, Blackbirds and Wrens.

It is especially important now, as robins are gradually losing their natural nesting sites due to increased urbanisation and building.

What time of year to offer this nest box

You will find that even thought this nest box is important for the birds during nesting season it will also provide shelter for your garden robins throughout the cold autumn and winter seasons.



Height: 218mm

Width: 243mm

Depth: 120mm

Thank you so much for supporting our Family Farm. Your purchase helps us to care for our very special sheep.


The funny thing about Moorit Sheep

The funny thing about Moorit (brown) sheep is that on our farm, at least they stick together in a group. Even if they are in a larger flock of sheep, when you need to move them or there is any danger, the Moorits will always be together.

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