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Shetland Aran Weight

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100% Pure and Undyed White Shetland Aran Weight Yarn. 100g hanks.

Blend: White Shetland
Yarn Weight: Aran Weight 3/5NM
Length: 165m per 100g approx.
Weight: -/+ 5%
Needle Size: 4.50 - 5.50mm

Ideal for all knitting and crochet. Wonderful for home dying with your choice of natural or synthetic dyes. 

Why choose Shetland Yarn?

Shetland wool is incredibly soft and versatile and ideal for knitting or crocheting warm, soft garments and homewares.

About the Sheep

This is from a Shetland Sheep Ewe. She is a hardy and lively sheep, with a famously soft wool. These sheep do not respect fences, and we've seen them jump straight over a 3ft hurdle! The wool used in the making of this yarn comes from White Shetland Sheep.

Thank you for supporting our family farm.

The funny thing about Moorit Sheep

The funny thing about Moorit (brown) sheep is that on our farm, at least they stick together in a group. Even if they are in a larger flock of sheep, when you need to move them or there is any danger, the Moorits will always be together.

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