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White Boreray Fleece

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Whole Raw Unwashed Sheep’s Fleece from our small flock of ancient Pedigree Boreray sheep. 

A Beautiful Fleece from a White Boreray Ewe.

Average weight of 0.6 kg to 1 kg, Guaranteed minimum weight .5 kg.
Average weight 1lb 5oz to 2lb 3oz Guaranteed minimum weight 1lb 1oz

White / Beige Fleece, suitable for Fibre Crafts such as:
~ Spinning
~ Weaving

A Rare Fleece 

This is a small and fine fleece, with one of the best wools around. It is ideal for a home spinner who is looking for a fine fleece to spin.

Boreray sheep are very rare; there are only around 600 breeding ewes in existence.


Staple length

Staple length is 4-6 inches at longest, with a double coat.

Appearance of the fleece
The fleece is rich in natural lanolin and feels wonderfully soft to the touch.
Weight of the fleece is approximately 700g, ideal for a home spinner.

The fleece is from a White Ewe, the colour is white, with beige and cream.

Why choose the Boreray fleece?
A very fine fleece 
Warm versatile fleece
Suitable for many crafts
Sheep that thrive in a cooler climate
Far superior to many other coarser wools such as a Texel sheep

The Boreray breed is native to the UK and thrives in this remote northerly environment.


About the shearing process

We always shear our sheep at the optimum point for them, when the fleece has started to “rise” or naturally separate from the sheep. Every sheep we have is shorn here on our own family farm by a professional shearer to minimise stress to the animal.
Shearing is a very important process and critical to animal welfare, this is because if last year’s wool growth is not removed, the sheep can get too hot which can lead to illness.
Our sheep are raised year round on natural Orkney pasture, which encourages growth of a thick warm fleece with a longer staple length.

The funny thing about Moorit Sheep

The funny thing about Moorit (brown) sheep is that on our farm, at least they stick together in a group. Even if they are in a larger flock of sheep, when you need to move them or there is any danger, the Moorits will always be together.

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